Infrastructure Backbone:

Intake Matters is a cloud-based product that is hosted in an independent data center on the east coast.
So for a non-tech savvy individual what does that mean? What is the cloud? How does it work? Many people think that the cloud is a magical solution that requires no work. They think that when items are put into the cloud that the infrastructure goes away. This is incorrect.
There are 2 types of clouds (Public and Private).
Let’s talk about the public “cloud” and what that means.
The infrastructure still exists you just lose control of that piece. Yes, you may no longer have the responsibility of the infrastructure piece; however, you also lose the ability to control your environment as closely. At the end of the day, someone is still working on this infrastructure it does not magically run on its own.
Now let’s discuss a private cloud solution.
A private cloud solution is a solution in which the private cloud is owned, maintained and run by an individual.
So, at Intake Matters, we chose a private cloud as this allows us to have the best of all things technology. We get to choose the data centers we host our application in as we have our own cabinets in these centers. We size, spec and purchase the best equipment that money can buy and last, but not least, we control when and how things are configured and worked on. We have Engineers with 20+ years’ experience in building and maintaining Enterprise class systems. This allows us to provide a stable bulletproof solution at an affordable rate while keeping our licensing at a fixed rate.
The site and data itself is built upon a clustered, redundant Windows Server environment. All data resides in encrypted SQL Server databases and all disaster recovery measures and backup routines are fully functional and tested on regular intervals.
Want to learn even more about the data center facility that we chose as our partner? Read below:
* The roof and walls are built to withstand 160mph Category 5 winds.
* The location geographically sits 8’ higher than the surrounding area, and sheds water at an extremely high rate.
* Power is received by two independent power feeds, and either feed can provide power to the entire facility.
* The data center has been named a “National Critical Facility” and has been designated a “Priority 2” user by the power company. That means the data center is at the same priority level as police and fire departments, which means the power company’s goal is to get the facility’s power back online within 24 hours of losing it.
* The facility during a storm issue generally has over 70 hours of fuel onsite. During Hurricane Irma in 2017 the facility was run on generators for 42 straight hours. As a backup, they have a contract with multiple fuel providers, which have Emergency Response Teams that deliver fuel to companies during times of disaster, and they can deliver fuel to the facilty within 48 hours of a request. During Hurricane Irma they mobilized 4 trucks from one vendor, and 2 trucks from the local provider, which amounted to over 40,000 gallons of fuel.
* The site is always staffed 24x7x365 with engineering and security personnel. During a weather situation they send extra staff to the facility prior to a storm, and they stay overnight in the facility to insure that the power and cooling infrastructure is well looked after.
* This facility has multiple locations throughout the Southeast for redundancy.

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