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Boost Your Leads Intake With The Help Of An Innovative Leads Management Software.

Make sure your employees are asking all the right questions when talking with a client. Set up a set of predefined questions for different scenarios and ensure that you forget nothing! All questionnaires necessary for a particular case category will show on the Intake Screen for a case. From this screen, you are also able to see if the questionnaire has already been run and view the user score on weighted questionnaires.

Want to make sure cases are worked in the order you decide is most important or no necessary documentation is forgotten about? With our workflow, this is easy to do. Create workflows to automatically send documents, snooze items, create priorities for work order, and more! Set workflow items to fall into a funnel, only allowing users to work the highest priority item based on your determination of priority!

No need to switch back to your email inbox to setup calendar items when you can do them all in Intake Matters. Be sure to set appointments here so your client gets all communication/reminders via email, text, or both. Don’t want to manage two calendars? No problem! Sync your IM calendar with Exchange and view everything in one place.

See all your firm’s data in one glance, or drill into the details of the data to analyze on a more specific level. All of this, and more resides on the Intake Matters Dashboard. We’ve created many predefined dashboards/reports based on our industry experience of data needs. Look at the big picture, or filter down to the detailed data – whatever you need to help your firm, the Dashboards will show you.

Task button built-in for your users, and in one click, they can log a call, add a note, and create calendar items. Want to click more than once? Then you can view all your recent activity, chat with other users logged in to the system, and view the case history of the case you are reviewing.

What happens when a prospective client engages in communication but then drops off? How does your firm handle this? With our Drip Marketing Campaigns, this lead is not forgotten about. Automated emails can be created to reach out to any prospective clients at specific intervals to gently remind them that your firm is ready to help them with their needs. Once the user re-engages, the Campaign will end.

Intake Matters Is An AI Enabled Leads Management Platform

Repeat cycle
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Closed case letter

Turn Down Letter

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General data entry

Data Entry/Data Import

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Follow up

Follow Up

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Case Review

Initial Review

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Qualified case


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Retainer request

Send E-retainer/Rep Package

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Case management software

Case Management Software

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Close Case

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Intake Matters Leads Management Software Offerings

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Drip Marketing

Clipbard showing Dashboard & reports

Detailed Dashboards and Reporting

Question and answer form


Step by step Workflow


One click task on clipboard

One Click Task

Calendar & reminders


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